Turkish grammar

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Turkish grammar

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Basic Grammar
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This Website - Home Page

About Turkish

The Turkish Alphabet

About Nouns

Lists Nouns Losing a Vowel

Articles - Gender

Vowel Harmony

Vowel Harmony

Consonant Change

Consonant Mutation

Suffixes & Buffer Letters

The Suffixes

Demonstrative Pronouns

Buffer Letters

About Adjectives

Turkish Adjectives

Comparison of Adj.

Intensified Adjectives

Pronouns and Possession

Personal Pronouns

Possessive Adj.

Possessive Relationship

Possessive Constructions

Possession - Var & Yok

The Sounds of Turkish

Turkish Pronunciation (MP3)


The Infinitive

"To be" - Positive

"To be" - Negative

Present Continuous

Simple Present Positive

Simple Present Negative

Wide Tense Irregular Verbs

Future Tense

Past Tense

Inferential Tense

Conditional Tense

Auxiliary Verbs

Verb Moods (Tenses)







Positive Potential - I can..

Negative Potential - I cannot..


Subject Participles

Object Participles

Wide Tense Participles

The Suffix Iken

Adv. Clauses Explained

Adverbial Clauses of Time

About the particle ki


This, That, That Yonder

Here and There

Basic Spatials

Lost in Space


Talking Street Turkish

Daily Conversational Locutions

All about buyurun

Time, seasons, numbers

The Colours - Renkler

How to say - "thank you.."

Expressing Need

Modes of Address

Saying - too much..

Street Signs

Signs of the Times

School Signs

Manisa Spor Kebab House

The Milk Pudding Shop

At The Doctors

Toilet Talk

Warning Signs

Car Licence Plates

Traffic Signs


Verb Etmek - full conjugation

List of Single Syllable Verbs

FAQ’s about Turkish

Daily Turkish Word List

Frequently Occurring Word List

Old - New Turkish Word List

Total Turkish Suffix List

Turkish Computer Terms

Dictionary Corner

Seslisozluk Dictionary

Zargan Dictionary

Turkish Net Dictionary

Lingvo Dictionary

Türk Dİlbİlgİsİ Kuralları

Grammar - the Turkish Rules

Vowel Harmony - Turkish Rules

İsım - Nouns

İsım Tamlamaları - Compounds

Zamir - Pronouns

Sıfat - Adjectives

Ekler - Suffixes

Fiilkipi - Verb Tenses

Advanced Section

Beginners Corner

Intermediate Learners Corner

Reduplicated Words

Ideas about Turkish

Translating Turkish - Polis

Translating Turkish - Kasko

Translating Turkish - Jokes

Ninni - the donkey story

Turkish story - The Peach

Some Side Issues

How to learn

How to learn-Kate Fennel

Visiting Turkey

Visiting Izmir

Some accolades for us

Zaman newspaper article

Regional Dialects

Prof. Lewis Jarring Lecture

Prof. Lewis Obituary

Turkish National Anthem

About Turkish Food

The Turkish Sofra

Propogation of Olives

Curing, Pickling Olives

Growing Aubergine

Aubergine Recipes

Manisa Turkish Site Maps

Descriptive Site Map

Manisa Turkish Site Menu

Basic Site Map
Rss Site Map

Actual Turkish School Exams.

High School Entrance - 01

High School Entrance - 02

High School Entrance - 03

High School Entrance - 04

High School Entrance - 05

High School Social - 01

High School Social - 02

ÖSS University Entrance - 01

Odds and Ends

Turkish Language Description

Phrasal Verbs - English/Turkish

Turkish Daily Greetings

Turkish Vowels

Conversational Stress in Turkish

Turkish - "In spite of.."

"Stop Smoking" - in Turkish

Turkish verbs in constant use

Let's sound like a Turk

How to recognize Turkish Words

Words and their Opposites

Turkish Gerunds and their usage

Other Links

Buket Kebabcı, Whakatane NZ

Links to Turkish Sites

Manisa Turkish download page

JQuery Demos

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